Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i feel like the weather.

isn't it funny how the weather affects? i swear, on this 2nd 'blah' day, siesta and i feel exactly the same. the minute that big ole yella sun comes out though, it's another story. we'll be heading outdoors to kick some butt and do some gardening any minute, i just know it.

in other news, i get to have lunch with carey today, disguised as a business meeting that she is doing for one of our clients. last week i told her "i'm doing something cute for this one or i'm not doing anything at all!" and apparently the words from the client's mouth when he saw it were "that's cute."

sometimes, it's nice to get your way.

:) happy wednesday!


cherk said...

I love that poster, Cute! We havs SUN this morning, I hope you do to!! We felt just like you and Siesta did yesterday!

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, that is so YOU. I swear, if I saw that hanging in a store window I would automatically KNOW you designed it.

Can I have one??

bobbione8y said...

ha. you have to ask the AE (carey)...she is over handing them out right now to their rightful owners. mine is stolen :)