Friday, June 10, 2011

last day of silly week

yay! after being patiently impatient, it finally came. now i SO need a new driveway. sigh...

guess what? silly week was not so silly at all. yes, it was busy. yes, it was worth it. tonite we'll have an altar call, and hopefully at least one little kid who has not accepted Jesus yet will do so! i love how open kids are to hearing the Gospel. they soak it in. already, our wonderful children's director has plans for next year...a completely from-scratch, genuine mercy church concept for vbs. i love her, and i love that i have a creative church family. who knew? :)

tonite we'll paint 'rocks' - paving stones - with glitter paint, because God is our rock :) except for the fact that rocks are pretty non-convenient to transport around, the craft should be easy and good. whew. it's SO different to get off the computer, and go out into the world to make art stuff. i really should do it more often :))

ps. i am kind of bummed that i have the furnace on {again} - even though it was 99 degrees out on tuesday. i'm not sure what is up with the weather, but it sure is keeping us flexible this year!

pss. no new garage door yet. sigh. i wish contractors kept their word, but unfortunately, they are so busy most of the time, they have no reason to. i hope that he comes over today :)


Karen said...

You are going to LOVE that garage door. We replaced ours last fall, with similar waiting time for the contractor to show. It makes life so much easier! (I also desperately need a new driveway.)

I love those bricks. I do.

Rani said...

Hey - ryan and i spent 3 hours loading 900 bricks into our trailer on that 99 degree day. (gotta love freecycle) I have a pretty colorful bruised up shin and a half of a third pad in the driveway to prove it :)

VBS ROCKS!!!!! I bet you are the best craft leader EVER!