Thursday, June 16, 2011


yesterday, i spent the afternoon with a girl. that's her. she's a cutie.

she learned to sew, with the help of two older 'aunties' who hopefully mentored her well. it took her about 5 minutes to master the skill. she tells us this is usually the case with her, when it comes to crafting ;)

next time, we are going to make books. i've been waiting for a long time to learn to do THAT.

oh ps. here is my air plant. right now, he's not in the air, he is getting his once-a-week 'bottom soak.'

isn't he wonderful?

:) happy day.


Karen said...

How sweet is that? Where did you find her? Will you do the books together?

And lastly...where does the air plant live when his bottom is not being soaked? (I only flinched a little when I wrote that.)

bobbione8y said...

she is a keeper :)

carey said...

i think the little girl must have gotten some martha genes from her mom. maybe SHE can come over and make some sense of my decorating. that could be your next project.