Friday, June 17, 2011

toes and stuff

i woke up at 8 am this morning. not sure why i overslept. i have a big list to finish checking off today. websites, and proposals, and a lunch date with a sweet friend.

instead of the list, i have been thinking almost non-stop about getting a pedicure. pretty toes seem like the most important thing right now. it's best for everyone if i at least do SOMEthing.

you know how some people clean their house before the housekeeper comes over? i'm sort of like that with my toes. see, i am a gardener. i am also a girl who is happiest when barefoot.

these two facts do not jive well with pedicures and beautiful toes.

last night, after about 5 hours of gardening, i came in the house and could not believe what a mess my feet were. luckily, i had an at-home manicure kit that i bought last year at a party at loretta's house (hi loretta!). i am not really a manicure person, but i figured it would probably help the garden feet somewhat.

it did. i would say my feet are at about 40% capacity right now. i am wondering if i am brave enough to book a pedicure, and let the small asian people wonder what the heck i DO with my feet, to get them in that kind of condition? or do i just decide that 40% is good enough, and hope people never ever look down? what if i like to look down?

sigh. i bet i chicken out. carey, why don't we go together and get our toes looked at sometime? i'm sure you are thinking about that pesky second toe at this stage of the summer, too....

he he.
i love blogging. happy friday!


cherk said...

Summer toes, are happy toes. I think according to the pic they look happy! Hope you have lots of happy gardening this weekend.

Rani said...

you know,I have this friend who blogs a post once a week called Friday feet and she takes a photo of her shoes, socks, toes every was wierd at first but now, not so much. It is fun to see how she transforms from soft socks to flats to flip flops each summer...