Tuesday, June 21, 2011

thunderstorms and pasta

i had a nice night last night over at my friend anne's house. although a wicked storm was predicted, we prevailed and spent a nice, albeit rather windy, evening in her back yard haven. the storms did show up, just as i was drifting off to sleep.

the food was good, the company was good, and the weather was about as good as you can expect when you live in southland. it's crazy here, weatherwise, folks.

i made this:

okay. that is not the real picture, but it looked somewhat like that. it was pretty yummy! i love to cook and bake for others, i really do. i'm kind of thankful i don't have to do it every day, though. but it's fun to not just cook for myself always.

today promises to be more rain and who knows what else. it keeps me here at the computer, plugging away, i guess. and, i do have some leftovers calling my name for lunch :)


cherk said...

I made pasta to it was a cloudy pasta here day to. I agree the weather is crazy!! Hope you have a productive day.

anne said...

no, i think the leftovers are calling MY name. (woot!) yum!

i think i am single-handedly altering your clock. i get you to stay up late all the time now-ha! (insert sinister laugh)

actually, i just enjoy your friendship. like last night when my husband was announcing that i like to embellish on facts in stories (for the sake of the storytelling, of course) and you told him it was a gift. ;) "it's called 'marketing'."

and how beautiful was it to sit outside for the evening. once everyone was home and tucked in the rain just started pouring down. ahh. loved it!

carey said...

what? is there something wrong with embellishing facts in stories?

that pasta salad looks awesome. recipe please.

anne said...

Carey, you don't GET the recipe. It is now her 'signature pasta salad recipe'. You have to invite her out for something and she brings it with.

ok. i could be embellishing a bit.

bobbione8y said...

the recipe is in the link. ooops.

Karen said...

Sounds wonderful! I feel like I'm in that crazy whirlwind time, could sure use some girl-downtime.

I call the embellishing "creative license." At the writer's conference they said, "Just because a story is true doesn't mean it's interesting. Our job as writers is to make it interesting."

bobbione8y said...

yeah. embellishing is just part of having a creative head :)

i would just like some downtime, girl or no! ha. even though i have been having some, i somehow need more.

Karen said...

WHY didn't you mention that the salad was Greek? I hadn't even bothered to look at it, seeing how I have a yummy bowl full of PW's most recent pasta salad in the fridge. I just happened to click and WOW. That's going on the menu. Soon.

bobbione8y said...

it was good. really good :)