Thursday, June 09, 2011

day whatever: silly week

whew. i see the end of vbs in sight, just as i am getting more comfortable. i guess by now i have about 2/3 of the kids' names memorized. i hope to get them all, but i am challenged in that area...pray for me! i also forgot to take photos, which bums me out. so far, i think that the craft choices have been good for the kids - one thing i have learned is that all kids like beautiful things. one little boy last night said to me concerning his creation 'mine is the WAY prettiest!'

ha. that is how i want them all to feel :)

in other exciting news - i am supposed to get a garage door today! one does not realize the importance of that event until one goes a month without a garage door!

sigh. everything in its time. i hope that you enjoy today for what it brings - God bless!


Rani said...

I find that day 4 is the hardest. We are all tired and high on Jesus. Day 5 is good and adrenaline will get you through. I hope you are truly enjoying it. We are doing VBS this week at Zion and having a BLAST!

Karen said...

That quote is awesome. How cool for God to let you hear it!

Rani's description fits what I know about VBS...

What is that pretty flower in the first picture???

cherk said...

I love the excitement in your writing that the VBS has brought to you-even during a silly busy week.