Tuesday, June 07, 2011

day two: silly week

so, yesterday was all that i imagined it would be and more. i was seriously pooped when i fell into bed! have you ever noticed that when you are seriously spent, you feel more alive? that is kind of what i am experiencing. being 'out of my comfort zone' is usually uncomfortable, but at the end, i feel more alive. i guess that is the way God planned it.

vbs was good. we have about 30 kids or so, which seems like not very many. however, they keep us hopping! i do think most of the children really enjoy the night. i will try to remember to take pics of our butterflies, they looked really cute and the kids had fun 'squirting' them! ha.

this week, i have been thinking a bunch about my former pastor, Ron Traub. pastor traub is one of my first christian mentors, i learned many things from him about God, and how God works. i also learned how loving and wonderful christian people can be, which was the exact opposite from what i had thought christians were like before. he accepted me, and where i was. he was excited for me that i was opening the page to THE book of my life, my relationship with Christ. he prayed for me. he hugged me. he encouraged me. and every sunday, he preached in a way that helped shape my new life.

i love him.

this coming weekend, he will have a retirement party. i'm sure there will be lots of laughter and lots of crying. he has impacted our community in a BIG way for over 30 years. when he and margo (wife) moved here, he was a fish outta water, a city kid from detroit who probably wondered what the heck God was up to, moving him to the middle of nowhere.

i'm sure he understands a little more now. but i cannot help but feeling he needs my prayers as he transitions into whatever God has for him next! it will be fun to 'send him off' into new, and hopefully a little slower-paced, adventures. and to give him one more hug.

on a side note, i really cannot help but think of my favorite animated character every time i see his pic, either ;)))

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