Monday, May 30, 2011

riding the storm out

so, ending the memorial day weekend with a tornado watch. those are a little more important since the storms this spring have caused a lot of devastation.

still, i prayed protection from God, and i think that is about all i can do. it is enough.

it was nice to have a few days off. one client emailed constantly, but i had the wherewithal to not respond until tonite. what a strange world we live in. i do so love unplugging every once in awhile. i wish we all did it, to be honest.

sigh. that being said, next week is too dang busy. i know this already. i wish it was not so often the case, but i don't know how to change it, really. i am trying to find joy in the busyness, and to learn to say 'no' with love.

it was really nice to visit kirsten in st. paul again. i do sincerely LOVE that city. when kirst drives me around, all i do is stare at the cute little houses and imagine living there. i think, if i had the courage 20 years ago when i considered it, i would have been able to be happy there.

but now, i'm happy here. which is a good thing to decide upon, i guess.

i was greeted by this face when i got home. i think she is saying 'you bought what? more what? WHERE IS MY FOOD?'

ha. or maybe she just missed me.

i did buy more plants. lots more. i am D.O.N.E. done for this year. or until i see something on clearance that is just too good to pass up.

kirsten and i stopped at a couple of places, my favorite is Highland Nursery in st. paul. it's a lovely place just to roam around in. i could probably be happy pitching a tent and living in the back room there. it's that good.

anyway, i got everything potted up when i got home, so i feel pretty settled as far as yardwork goes. now, it's just upkeep. which usually breaks down to an hour or so a day. i do not have what you would call a low-maintenance yard. which makes me happy :)

oh, i also attempted to make a terrarium when i got home. we made kirsten's at her house, i forgot to take a photo, but it was super cool.

mine is less than super cool. in fact, it's kind of yucky. way too much dirt and way too little good stuff. i hope it gets better as it grows. i don't like terrariums so much anymore, i guess.

happy post-holiday! i have missed you all!


Karen said...

You are so funny. Will you like terrariums again if yours grown nicely?

I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I'm even more glad that you didn't get tornadoed.

K~ said...

Your tank is so cool!! I really like it. Your flowers look great too!! I had so much fun with your visit. My mini plant bowl is still alive. I will photograph it soon and post it. Had to run to the store this am to get Francis some crickets. He was not a happy camper with just his meal worms yesterday. Everyone is fed and happy. Soon nap time and then a crazy evening. K~

bobbione8y said...

hey kirst. i am going to blog about the zoo sometime this week, so tune in again :)