Thursday, May 05, 2011

or something like that

i am kind of done listening to weather men. they always paint a VERY bleak picture, and today is actually a lovely day. the thing is, the trees still have basically no leaves. i hope they change their mind soon. see the sky though? looks okay, right?

the tulips are starting to start, however. they are sick of waiting too, apparently. bring it, guys!!

the flower beds are about 75% cleaned off. it has not been pleasant clean-off weather, but nonetheless. ready to grow.

ummm. this is the back yard, looking like the alabama storms hit closer to home. seriously, people. it ALWAYS looks bad before. one good weekend, and it's all good. sigh.

this afternoon, a guy is coming to look at the retaining wall and give me an estimate to fix it. i might also see if he can haul a couple loads of this mess away :)


Karen said...

I know you've had a long winter. I am so excited for your spring! Your photos kind of let me do it all twice. :-)

bobbione8y said...

oh, things are always better when you wait for them! feeling pretty springey over here these days ;)