Monday, May 16, 2011

chilled out

uh boy. it got to 34 degrees last night, which means all of my plants are in the garage right now, with the exception of a few who have a blanket on top of them at the moment. my garage and grass were frost covered this morning, so i know it must have touched down even lower at some point.

however, it has GOT to get warmer eventually, right? last week i had to turn the AC on tuesday, then back to the furnace on wednesday. it's good to be flexible, i guess :)

anyway, lots of progress in the back forty this weekend. the patio and fence turned out well! hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago i was house hunting. now, i cannot imagine leaving :) it will be good to have lots of projects to putz with this summer, in terms of prettifying around the new hardscapes.

rudy (landscaper) and his helpers were fairly good tile layers. i was so impressed with how fast they moved, and how good they seemed to be with handling rocks and pavers.

it was raining when they finished up on saturday, so i need to sweep some sand into the pavers to set them when the sand dries out. my contribution to the hard labor :)

i did rush right out and buy a tree to put INSIDE the fence as soon as the project was complete. let's hope he's a petite size in the future ;)

and let's hope that the freezing temps go away this week, as they are forecasted to do. God and i have a lot of growing to do!

:) happy monday all!


Rani said...

Can't wait to see this in person! It looks beautiful. Happy Monday.

bobbione8y said...

thanks rani, happy monday to you too! are the kidders home for the summer yet?

i have already been thinking about making a 'rock' run to montrose this summer for some edging around one of the perennial beds! ha. rocks are addictive :)

carey said...

WOWWWW! this is just what you needed. i love it!! when can i come over with some marshmallows?

Karen said...

Lovely. Does your screened-in porch look out over your new patio? Does your fence block out the neighbors you want to block out?

cherk said...

This is beautiful! I love the pavers