Thursday, May 19, 2011

new school, old school

i'm thankful that i have friends who still keep up with things. last week, i was over visiting lou at her agency, and all of those guys were abuzz over the newest, coolest thing for the iphone.

it's called 'square' - probably because of the shape, just guessin' ;) - and when you plug it into your iphone, you become a retailer! it's amazing. you can scan a credit card, and the payer actually 'signs' your phone with their finger! i am going to have the BEST GARAGE SALE ever later this year, if i ever get around to cleaning the basement!

seriously, it will be neat when/if i ever do any craft shows again. very excited about the possibilities.

i love new school.

remember last fall when i was so excited about this fencing? well, i had kind of given up on the idea of installing it, as the new fence went up, and as i cannot figure out how to begin to unroll it and see how much fencing is actually IN there! i still need some fencing around my garden, however, at some point in the future when i can afford more landscaping.

then, last night while i was tooling around a cool vintage pix website, i ran into this photo.

that's it. i WILL use my cemetary fencing, and i will look every bit as proud as the happy couple above in their beautiful garden!!! :)) i kind of want their car, also.

i love old school.


carey said...

technology is crazy. seriously.

when you have your garage sale, can i come sit with you and sell my junk too? i will bring over a truckload of "boy" things to help round out your sale!

Karen said...

I love the way your brain works. :-)

anne said...

the fence is totally a keep. i wouldn't even let you not do it! I will help you unroll. i have just a thought for you, too. i will have to come over though. ;)

bobbione8y said...

thank you karen. i think :)

anne. glad you can see the vision as well. I am so curious to see that fence unrolled, but i do think it might be a 2-person job.

ps. i am glad you have a thought. even MORE glad that you come over :)