Friday, May 13, 2011


ps. yay! i think she liked it :)))

it was kind of like somebody cut a body part off today, as blogger has not been working for a day or so. even though yesterday's post magically disappeared. alas, it was not anything super incredible or unmissable. i say that because i have no idea what i wrote! ha!

whew. anyway. it looks like we are 'baaaaaaaack' on. i did want to show you the finished product i made for a friend's bridal shower (tonite). yes, my finger does hurt from gripping an exacto knife all week long. yes, i am kind of happy with it, though!

the happy couple are musicians. i hope they like it :))

happy friday!


Karen said...

It's really really super cool. Great work!

Blogger is still jacked up for me. Missing yesterday's post, and only half of it exists in draft form. Grrr.

Hope your weekend is wonderful. :-)

cherk said...

I have felt the same way, so OUT of touch and like I was ignoring everyone!