Monday, May 09, 2011

perfect weekend

it's been raining at night the last couple of nights. that is a pattern that i kind of hope continues, because it's MARVELOUS to see the sun again during the day... it's better than ice cream, really.

the 'race' on saturday was fun. i did not get super motivated to start running again, although i would like to walk more. there were about 6300 people out and about, which for little ole SF seems like a lot. how did it go, rani?

then, of course, it's time to act like a crazy person with the lawn care. i love how mabel shines up this time of the year (nevermind that the walk badly needs paint, and the christmas lights are still up :)).

everyone in the neighborhood seems happy. it's fun to see people smiling as they mow and trim and get some rays. it makes me remember why i moved here in the first place, which i really needed to do.

as for me, i spent some time mulching around the flowers, so far - 18 bags of mulch and counting. i got the new 'colored' kind of mulch, which i hope does not have some weird chemicals in it. it is pretty, however.

i was kind of overzealous, and trying to pack way too many bags of mulch into bert yesterday, when i realized it sucks to be single. i seriously said to God "um, i could use some help" when a good friend and another complete stranger came out of nowhere to help me load up!!! God is so good, in the big and small things, He is there.

anyway, mulching is sort of fun. does that make me weird to think that?

:) happy monday all!


Rani said...

I tell you Saturday and Sunday were such beautiful days. My tulips opened yesterday :) I had so much fun at the race...just wish I could have met up with you girls and it would have been the perfect day!

Can you come and mulch my flowers? :)

bobbione8y said...

hi! i just read your post! i am so sorry about the soup!!!!

i am so glad you enjoyed saturday :)

i hope your week is more peaceful, and that you are able to rest and just 'be' :))

love ya! very proud of you for doing a 5k!!!

Karen said...

I'm in need of a mulcher over this way, too. Desperately.

We worked in the yard yesterday, planting flowers and sprucing things up. It made me think of you. :-)

bobbione8y said...

yeah...where are those WHs when you need them, that is the question you ladies need to ask when it comes to mulching!