Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pinning away

click on the photo to see all the pretty!

i've been meaning for awhile to blog about pinterest. i did write about it over at my work blog, because it's a designer thing, but seriously, you all need to know.

they actually define themselves as "a place to catalog the things you love," and that is about right. it's kind of like a virtual inspiration board, where you have categories that you set up, and when you see a cool pic somewhere online, you can 'pin it' to your various boards. i have boards like 'vintage vibes' and 'the backforty,' if that gives you some idea.

there are days (like today, for instance) where all i want to do is sit and stare at all the pretty boards! i think it helps to motivate me to MAKE more things. i am having fun this week doing my paper cut, and would love to continue with a summer of handiworks of one sort or another. i think it's actually going to happen, which makes me crazy with anticipation!

the only problem is, the house keeps falling apart. apparently that means i will have to secure some more projects in order to pay for all of the disrepair ;)

oh well. i guess it will be nice to have one of these soon.

happy day!


Karen said...

Pretty is a great word. :-)

Maybe, just maybe, I'll make one of those.

bobbione8y said...

sure, give it a go!!!
i'll send you an invitation if you want one ;)