Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 to 9

during the last couple of weeks, my life has shifted dramatically during certain times of the day. i thought about it last night, and kind of pinpointed it. 3 to 9. 3pm to 9pm has become my favorite part of the day, when just a few short weeks ago, it was my least favorite. see, back THEN i did one of two things. i either got ready to go teach (which actually usually ran longer than 9pm), or got ready to lay on the couch and watch tv....since it was winter, i had no energy or desire. and really, could not fake it enough to do much more.

suddenly, with spring in the air and my body wanting to come out of dormancy, i've gotten a new lease on life. some of it comes in the morning, as i wake at the sound of the first bird singing in the new day. sometimes (like today for instance), i might be getting up a bit early, as i can tell i have not been getting QUITE enough sleep.

but mostly, my new life begins at 3pm. that's when things like making paper cuts and chatting with the neighbors, and of course rifling around the yard with garden gloves and buckets of water and bags of mulch happens. it all continues until 9pm, when i am usually quite exhausted and come inside to flop down for an hour or 2 before bedtime.

i cannot believe how much i missed 3 to 9. yesterday at 3pm, as i was headed to lowes to pay for the new garage door (NOT the funnest part), i checked my iphone to see a message from carey, who was headed to 'girls on the run' to have root beer floats. i have a sneaking suspicion i am not the only one who is going to be enjoying 3 to 9 for the next few months :)


Karen said...

I love it when you get to come out of hibernation! I see God's purpose in it all...He's so wonderful. :-)

carey said...

3 to 9 is always my "second day" during the school year, because everything shifts once the boys get home from school. usually it's running around, going to sports, doing homework, making supper, building craft projects for school, etc.

during the summer, the whole schedule shifts but it's almost like we have a whole new day come 6 pm when the husband comes home and wants to play with us. :)

right now, though, i am having a hard time from 9 until 3, when my brain wants to go outside and not sit here sad is that?

bobbione8y said...

yeah. i am thanking God for 9 to 3, which allows me to enjoy 3 to 9. that is about the most excitement i can muster up for it in the summer, i admit ;)