Wednesday, May 25, 2011

art and vacation

sigh. final day before a mini vacation, and a trip to see kirsten in st. paul. it's a very good day, even though it's rainy, cold and windy here {again}.

i am usually so bad at vacations. i never really relax. i'm trying to tell myself that living in the present moment is all i need to do for the next few days. i don't have any meetings today, except for helping a friend shop for my former pastor's retirement party decorations. i do have a project to complete before i go. however, it's a doable, funnish one. if websites CAN be fun. ha.

to start vacation off right, yesterday i received a new screenprint in the mail. i got it here. it's by a minneapolis design group called landland, who seems to do mostly 'gig' posters. although i actually like band posters, i don't actually listen to iron and wine :) i probably should. i tried, but the first song i heard did not grab me much.

i bought the art for the illustration. i'm actually pretty fascinated with images of structures, like houses, cities and such. i have a strong theme going in my living room. for the last couple of years, i've also been thinking about grain elevators. so when i saw this, i knew i wanted it. if i ever paint (which some day, i hope i do), i think one of the subjects i'd like to try is grain elevators. i seriously love them. they are beautiful, right?

so, back to structures. another thing i seem to be drawn to thinking about is houses on stilts. my old buddy nate duval has done some cities on stilts, i think i bought a calendar from him once. but check out this one! over the years, quite often i have dreams about cityscapes on stilts! what do you think that means?

nevermind. doesn't matter what it means. i am pretty sure i know what my next art purchase will be :)

happy day everyone!


Karen said...

Happy Tuesday! Wait.

Happy Wednesday!

I LOVE that last print (print, right?). You have cool taste.

So what happens to the old art when you buy new art? I've had the pleasure of meeting Mabel, so I know her wall space is not infinite..

bobbione8y said...

yeah. i have a basement full of nice art, that is what :)

Karen said...

ACK! Keep it off the floor! If I remember correctly, your basement is a dangerous place.

bobbione8y said...

just kidding. i hung the old one in the hallway :)) true dat.

krkor said...

love your blog ptotos @@