Wednesday, May 04, 2011

weird week

snazzy the elephant. final project by one of my fine GD students :)

so, i've been out of sorts all week. some of it is personal, i've finished up teaching, which has been sort of a huge ordeal in my life the past year, and finished up my grant project on monday. meaning, i am sort of 'free' again in terms of work. i always get nervous when i have no real steady income (even though i am plenty busy right now). i find it funny that God chose to open up this kind of life for me, when i am the most anxiety-ridden, stability- loving girl on the planet. i almost laughed in her face when one of my bible-study women said to me "oh, i could never freelance, that would be too scary for someone like me."

i wanted to say, 'watch what you say you can never do, lady.'

:) anyway, i am hoping for a chill pill to relax and enjoy the quieter days. i have wanted them for awhile.

of course, i am also staying up at night thinking about the state of the world, and what to do about it.

i cannot even begin to start to intelligently process all of the feelings i've had since sunday night, when the obl news came out. i've read so much good stuff all over the internet, but most of it for me comes down to this:

how can we as Christians have a godly perspective on worldly events like this one? how can we act like we are ONE body, instead of a million little fractured useless parts? how can i be part of a whole, instead of my own island of opinion and limited views?

i'm still processing and working it out.

oh. ps. the book above is not super related, except it reminds me of carey. and it made me laugh, which i kind of needed to do.

happy wednesday!


Karen said...

That book cover is HILARIOUS.

Your paragraph beginning "How can we..." challenges me. I want to think that through. Please let me know what you work out.

In the meantime, I hope you get a Divine Chill-pill. :-)

Karen said...

What grade did the elephant receive??

bobbione8y said...

oh yeah, i think it's a process, karen, not looking for a quick hit answer. i wish i had one, but i have a gut hunch i will not.

chelsie gets an 'a' :)) ha. the assignment was to design/assemble a 3-D toy of some kind.

Karen said...

He's a pretty darn cute elephant. :-)

ellen said...

There's a "Stuff Christians Like" blog, and it's laugh-out-loud hilarious. The guy who writes it is so, so funny. And he calls Christian culture out for all its ridiculousness. Glad you like the book.

And, yes, OBL. Fascinating to hear fellow Christians say things about it that are opposite of my feelings. Leaves me thankful for grace for us all.

carey said...

i love that elephant. can't imagine what it takes to design something like that, what a gift.

as for the rest of it, all i got is a big ol' sigh.