Tuesday, April 24, 2012


so, i was having quite a morning. busy with the 'list' of to-dos and all, and feeling completely inadequate for the task at hand. it seems the world will always tell you that you don't have what it takes, if it's the world you are listening to.

anywhoo, then my friend anne emailed me THIS. i called her. i screamed!! i cannot believe she MADE THIS FOR ME.

it's my backyard. click in on it so you can see it really well.

it is wonderful. perfectly wonderful.

i am blessed beyond measure.
isn't she insanely talented?

:) happy.


Rea said...

That is awesome!

K~ said...

So Very beautiful She is a good friend. K~

Karen said...

I can hardly even comment on this. Just. Wow.

cherk said...

talent, pure talent

anne said...

oh gosh. glad you like it. seriously--this will only be great because you are DIGGING IN THE DIRT doing the work! :) xo

bobbione8y said...

notice the comments, my friend, i think they are referring to YOUR part ;)