Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sunny d

birdsnest evergreens

hicks yews

various sedums/succulents/ground covers

 ah! much better day!

the sun is shining.

my cold is already lessened.

i got my license plate tags, so i am now legit again.

i have carey for a business partner, and she keeps me from losing it.

plus, i am started on the landscaping purchases :) i have a few things bought, but many, many more to go. it's fun.

that's not me, but what if it WAS?! :)

oh. and i walked into my sunporch yesterday and was reminded that a sweet friend brought me an AWESOME gift on monday! it's an EZGo cart :) mine has lime green accents, and right now it also has some dead ferns in it. yay!

okay. i seem a little bipolar here, don't i? but seriously. a day can make quite a bit of difference. happy wednesday.

1 comment:

cherk said...

The EZ go, LOVE it. If I actually landscaped or had a green thumb I would need one.