Monday, April 23, 2012

building is good.

hi all; how was the weekend?

i feel like life has taken a grand turn for the better all of a sudden; weekend was JUST the perfect blend of social and solitary for me. i have to get that cocktail just right or i am not happy.

oh, and no 'work' work was done. it was the first weekend in a string of several that i left the computer room. ahhhhhhhh. life is good out there without the machine :) it feels much better to sit back here on monday morning when you have stepped away for a bit. remember the days when you left work at 5pm and did not do it again until the next morning at 8am? i do. wow, i must be old :)


friday, i got the rest of my plants purchased for the initial 'fence' planting. i felt indulgent, even though i have planned for this since the beginning. 2 trees, 15 bushes, 5 hostas. except for the hydrangeas from mabel that my mom is keeping for me, the main 'structure' of the back fence will be filled with these goodies. oh, and anne and i walked it out and figured out the shape of the perimeter, which will probably be completed NEXT spring. so nice to have a friend with great vision to help do the 'fun' part! thanks, anne!

no, i did not quite get everything planted. i dug all the holes, though, and set everything out. i need some more compost and good dirt, so i'll have a chance to get my hands dirty all week long as i finish up :)

12 bags of dirt; 3 bags compost; 1 bag vermiculite; 1 bale peat moss; 1 back ache ;)

yesterday, i decided to try my hand at making a raised bed....whew. that is more work than it looks like on pinterest! ha. but, i felt like it was pretty successful. soon, my grandma's raspberries from aurora, sd will take up residence here. i hope they like my mix of soil, compost, vermiculite and peat moss. i could lay in this bed and be happy, it's very soft ;)

all in all, i feel like the thing i have waited most for in purchasing this house is worth it...i have missed mabel a little this spring. but soon, i will have the ability to go out and check on my babies in THIS yard, which will more than make up for the loss.

happy week guys :)) i hope you get to experience some nature first-hand also!


carey said...

wow! it is already looking great. i bet it 's nice to be in your back yard in privacy, i think that fence was the ticket. it's going to be hard for you to get anything done this week, isn't it? :)

Karen said...

Holy cow! I think I see a tiny bit of your vision here! It's lovely, Bob!

bobbione8y said...

karen - you saw the flagstone path and the birdbath, didn't you? i knew it :)) how is your garden doing this spring? take a lovely pic for me :)

anne said...


Looking great, Bob! And bee balm is happy! Good to know.