Thursday, April 26, 2012

junk hunting

one more day of work, then headed to 'junk jubilee' in des moines, ia with lou...

i have a feeling i will probably over-spend :)

happy weekend, y'all!


Karen said...

You should live in Germany, where you can go "junking" at people's curb. Germans are amazing recyclers, and just put amazing things out for others to take home and love.

Have fun!

Ellen said...

Wave as you drive through Sioux City! :) Happy junking!

carey said...

if you find a cool wooden bench, about 4 feet long, stack it on top of your truck and bring it home for me :) have a great time, can't wait to see all your treasures.

bobbione8y said...

I'm German - no wonder junking is in my blood!

ellen; of course, i wave at SC and usually stop at the Gap Outlet :)) ha.

carey. define 'cool'...!