Tuesday, April 03, 2012

spring colors

ooooh. chilly. today is a little more 'typical' for south dakota in april - cold and rainyish. i kind of forgot what that looks like!

yesterday was summery. my crab apple tree in the front yard decided to 'pop' with very beautiful white, floweryness. i hope it does not get blown away today. even so, i took it in yesterday, and it was good.

i also have some blossoms going on in the house. this plant has the deepest, darkest velvet color. i have a love/hate relationship with it because it is very finnicky, but when it's ON, it's gorgeous.

plus, i got a wonderful surprise when i woke up and stumbled out to the sunroom with my coffee this morning. i can hardly contain myself with anticipation of the new fence and the opportunity to shield the 'ugly' from my neighbor's unkempt back yard.

but seriously, people, LOOK at their tree! it's giant and old and kind of sprawly and is going to be bright, bright PINK. so even after the fence is up, my backyard in spring is already on its way to being 'designed' - this time by God, starting quite a few years back ;)

happy tuesday!


carey said...

oh, that is a nice bonus! when does the fence come?

bobbione8y said...

thursday!!!!! yay.

Karen said...

It's like Christmas, this new-house-in-spring thing!

cherk said...

The blooming has begun here as well! Enjoy your favorite time of the year. I REALLY hope this post makes it!!

cherk said...