Thursday, April 05, 2012

i dig dirt.

hey, guys, i wonder how many posts on dirt i have written in the last six years? probably as many as most other things :)

not just OK, but XL OK!!!

alas. dirt is on my mind once again. tis the season, right? i can hardly wait for a long weekend of playing in my dirt. unfortunately, the fence got delayed until next week, but still, i have lots i can be doing. i'm pretty sure i'll have a post titled 'mulch' next week as well.

anyway, those 'call before you dig' people are stealthy. i had no idea they were even here, until i woke up this morning to those flags. they have hidden meanings, which i am not quite sure of. but i think i'll go with the OK and assume things are good to go :)

meet my new friend doug.

i also went to lowes last night and picked up a digging partner. i'm going to call him doug. doug the digger. yep, i'm creative that way :)

ha. i decided that for all the yardwork i'm going to be doing the rest of my life, i deserve a mini tiller. i actually bought the whole thing with gift cards....! so thankful for people who know my priorities in life ;)

ha. well, i guess i better 'dig in' to a full days work today, esp. if i want to have most of Good Friday to play. happy almost, almost holiday to you!


carey said...

Doug is very cute, I am betting the two of you get along just fine. I hate delayed projects but you're right. Plenty to do while you wait. Is there a good sale on mulch yet?

Karen said...

Isn't if FENCE DAY???????

bobbione8y said...

grrrr. monday, i got BUMPED ;)

ha. ha. fence parts are stacked in back though, so progress....