Friday, April 13, 2012

rainy days

ah, we are finally getting a little bit of rain. it's hard to go through cold, rainy days since we had 'summer' in march, but the earth is glad. i got the ladder out and picked some lilacs this morning, it is only a matter of time before they dry off and start to make the house smell lovely.

it's kind of bittersweet, because i have decided to take these old lilacs out as the next phase of my fence project. they have not been lovingly kept over the years, and only bloom way, way up on their tippy-tops. because there are many new, better varieties of lilacs out there now, i'm thinking it best to replace them.

why do i get sad at the idea of killing plants? arrrrggggh. i wish i could fix them, but alas, not sure that i can.

i thought i would show you the 'behind the scenes' view of my photoshoot as well. a certain 'someone' always, ALWAYS has to be in the middle of the action :)

happy day, my friends :)


Rea said...

I love lilacs, although I can't bring them indoors because they make me sneeze. But they make me happy. Mike's parents have tons of them at the farm, so I go enjoy them for a few hours and then I can leave the sneezing behind.

Karen said...

Your 'behind the scenes' shot made me laugh out loud!

I love lilacs. Will you tell me about the newer, better varieties? Are there any for my mostly-shady yard?

bobbione8y said...

hi karen.

i have never heard of a shade-loving lilac (not yet, anyway) - but the one i am considering is a smaller variety that actually blooms TWICE. or intermittently whenever it feels like it. my mom told me about it.