Friday, April 20, 2012

no, you cannot have 67% of my brain.

i woke up this morning and did my 'normal' routine....

* pee
* check email/facebook
* make coffee

um, yes, you saw that correctly. i have reached the place i thought i would never reach. the place where computers are more important than COFFEE. oh, woe is me.

let's don't even talk about where God is in the mix...however, i usually do say 'hello' when my eyes open :)

therefore, i am making a plan.

my plan is to check facebook ONCE A DAY. and only once a day. starting immediately.

pretty sure the above order will not change. but at least the time suckage of my life will not be quite as intense.

no plans yet for blogs/pinterest/email checking. however, they may be on the chopping block, too. oh, and tv. well, maybe not tv quite yet ;)

happy friday to you!

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