Monday, November 01, 2010

crazy relatives

wow. mondays happen very very quickly. i guess one cannot sum up the weekend without talking about halloween. to be honest, i'm sick of looking at people's kids on facebook. after you've seen one cute costume, you've sort of seen them all.

so, in the spirit of moving on, let me introduce you to my advertising 'family.' a bunch of good people over at paulsen marketing. i always kind of knew them, even back in the day when i worked for the 'other' agency in town. i always thought they did great stuff. i knew there was a super talented guy over there who could draw. and a couple of other, quieter people who made pretty stuff. okay, i kind of stalked them.

anyway, after i became a free bird, i did a couple of projects over there - nothing too exciting - but got to know a few people better. especially the ONE girl, who became my friend. in the years since, i get invited to parties and company events quite often, and really love that they have taken me in. what a nice bunch! even the CEO hugged me the last time he saw me. i wonder if he thinks i work there, and somehow he just forgot?!

ha. anyway, these guys DO halloween. on friday, we all went to lunch - them in their crazy outfits and me tagging along - and it was fun. reminds me of the old days, when i had co-workers....not always a bad thing.

and it's also good to know i'm not the only crazy bird-lady in town anymore ;))


carey said...

these guys are nuts, in a good way. i love the owl costume. it's too bad she can't wear it more often after all the work she put into it.

you won't be seeing any photos of my kids, no worries. we had a mad scientist and a referee. the most fun was watching them run from house to house, saying things like "TWO candy bars? we totally nailed that house!"

bobbione8y said...

he he. i would have loved to see the boys 'score' - me, i like the 1-2 years olds who have no idea what the h*** is going on :)

KristieLou said...

i love that you are a honorary member of paulsen! thanks for coming to my birthday/halloween lunch.

p.s. we are a bit crazy!

oddly enough after wearing that costume for one day i am pretty much done with it. all those layers of fabric were hot! and those dumb tights were not made for the human body :)

Karen said...

Did you dream that up on your own, Lou? Seriously, my kids have been whatever they can dig out of the husband's old uniforms/dress-up box for years and years. I have never once had an original costume idea.