Friday, November 19, 2010

i love this land

well, yale sd was interesting. (btw, it's between huron and brookings, right underneath the stalk of corn on the map :))) there is a great peace that falls on me the minute i leave the city limits.

however, i am probably not much of a country girl in reality. i was a bit fearful to see that yale had all gravel streets. NO convenience store. just the bar and a huge grain elevator and about 14 houses. and the building that i was going to visit, tucked behind the bar. there were however three wonderful women doing a VERY cool job inside that little building. and they love where they live. God knows what he's doing when he is placing us, i believe.

the best story i can get out of the whole experience is that when we were driving back (i was miss daisy to my friend/client lindsey's driver role) and we came upon a BUNCH of cows in someone's front yard. i was chatting away, and did not really think about the scenario.

lindsey, who lives with a farmer, immediately became alarmed, slowed and said 'i think those cows are out. they ARE out....oh, dear....'

i was like 'but they look happy, and they are in somebody's YARD, how bad can that be?'

to which she told me the horrors of cows being out. how easily it is for them to wander into the road and be hit. how hard they are to wrangle when it's dark out. how they get afraid and start to panic.

so, at that point, I START TO PANIC. i say 'lindsey, i don't want the cows to get hurt.'

and she, who has kept driving because there is no way we could do anything, because we don't have any idea who they belong to, says...

'bobbi, we can do a lot of things, but we really cannot help those cows.'

doh. sad, but true. i did pray that God would keep them safe. and realized i do not have even one farmer gene in me, even though i love the thought of it.

happy friday!


carey said...

good story, but now i am a little worried about the cows. i hope the farmer got them all back safe and sound.

and i am glad you are back safe and sound, too. :)

bobbione8y said...

i know. dang cows. i hope they are okay, too ;)

Karen said...

I guess the good news is that it's a little tiny town with not much traffic to affect the cows? memento?

And...what do those ladies do in the house by the bar?