Friday, November 12, 2010

freaky friday

today has not been the most peaceful of days. i am still feeling the remnants of a couple days ago, when i got my feelers hurt by a client, and have not fully learned how to not rely on feelings for all things. God is helping me with that, although i sometimes take things into my own hands and form resentments that should not exist.

i also have a small guilt trip going over Carey, whose email i ruined several weeks ago, and although she doesn't seem to blame me, it's my fault. she is right now trying to be an IT support person for HERSELF, which frightens me. pray that it gets fixed somehow.

i also have to take the cat to the vet in just a bit. more frightened of this than all the other things put together. getting her fat little body into the door of that pet carrier may require more protective clothing than i own. schwew.

i also am feeling the need for an escape to mitford. that will come soon enough, because tonite i am going there :))

happy weekend bloggers!


Rani said...

sounds like you need some m&m's...that helps EVERYTHING in this house :)

feel better soon!

Karen said...

I'm sorry your feelers got hurt. It's my least favorite thing EVER.

I'm glad you're going to Mitford. You'll feel much better while you're there.

bobbione8y said...

thank you girls. i am better, i am sick of being a delicate little flower all the time, though. mitford and chocolate will help. and bloggirls ;)

Karen said...

Oh, yes. If only Father Tim had had bloggirls.