Wednesday, November 03, 2010


i admit i'm a little tired today because i stayed up too late last night watching election results. you do realize you are older when things like elections seem to MATTER.

i did feel really bad for the little girl that came to my door asking for my vote for state representative. she seemed really sweet, her values and mine were similar, and i told her i would vote for her. nevermind that i have been voting in the wrong district for about 15 years. doh. apparently, i have not been too good at picking representatives that represent me because i never thought about it before. i changed my address, finally, yesterday, and voted for the people in the district a few blocks over.

anyway, she won, so i suppose she is not too concerned.

otherwise, i find myself ambivalent about our politicians. the system seems so broken, no matter who 'wins.' i wish that we all were nicer to each other, no matter whether people agreed with our views or not. i wish we all knew that Jesus is the real solution to our troubles, not our particular candidate for office. i wish that Christians were just as loving in defeat as victory....because our victory is defined by God, not by party association. i wish a lot of things.

sigh. and i'm kind of glad it's all over for another while.


bobbione8y said...

ps. if somebody does not agree with me that it is super cute that bart millard says 'get your homepants on' - then i will be very disappointed :)

K~ said...

I am in my homepants right now!! I just finished watching the Presidents address. I am so thinking that's funny!

KristieLou said...

i do LOVE the word homepants!
that makes me happy.

carey said...

i love, love, love my homepants. i do not even like to put on my awaypants.

i am glad the smoking ban went through. glad dennis won. glad we can't smoke weed to help broken legs feel better in sd like they do in colorado :)