Friday, November 19, 2010

if you don't go and read


then you are so missing out.

i was so unprepared for how i would spend five minutes trying to get thru the longest, funniest, seriously BEST blog post i have ever read in my life. the pictures are possibly the best accompaniments to a blog post i have ever seen.

for the love of God, if you need a laugh or even if you don't think you do. you just have to.

oh ps. if you don't like dogs, you don't have to read it :)


carey said...

oh, yay! that was funny. what a funny girl. how do you find these people?

Karen said...

I'll read this after I go shopping. Must.Stop.Procrastinating.

Chris said...

Awesome! That was hilarious. I saw alot of my dogs in those dogs of hers!