Sunday, November 07, 2010

just this once

i don't ever remember another november day that i:

sat out in the soft green grass in my jammies

let the sun soak in deep

listened to the ducks overhead as they continue south

and loved on a big yellow kitty

who seems to love me back.

and to be honest, i don't care if i never do it again.

thank you Lord, for just this once.


K~ said...

Those pictures are so sweet. It is just wonderful here too! Glad you had a blessed day. K~

Rani said...

you should submit some of those fourlegged photos to PW photo contest...they are good.

bobbione8y said...

isn't he the best kitty? i love how he kind of tries to look tuff, even when he is flipped over and wanting me to love him ;)

Karen said...

One thing I love about you South Dakota people is that you know how to enjoy a good day when you get one. I think I may have lost that art, will seriously work on getting it back.