Wednesday, November 24, 2010

more fluff

well, i see i'm on a roll this week. from disney to shopping to keith urban. hmmmm. something tells me my brain is in 'holiday' mode.

ah. but keith comes up for discussion on this blog every so often, doesn't he? alas, i cannot help it. i would be happy if all the men in all the earth looked like keith urban. i guess he SOUNDS okay, too, if you like that kind of singing (which i do, thankfully). i admit, however, that the cuteness is why i buy the songs. look at those poses with the guitar. me oh my.

so, with keith crooning in my ears and turkey looming in my head, i plan to whiz through this day with ease. hope you are all feeling light and fluffy and good, as well!


carey said...

it just struck me that i do not have a keith urban in my life. i don't love any superstar boy for his cuteness. yikes. i better go find one.

oh, wait. maybe robert downy jr. ?
i do love him.

ok, schwew. now i feel better.

bobbione8y said...

what? you are taller than him! i can not believe i did not know that.

or did that just happen when he became iron man?!