Tuesday, November 02, 2010

yumminess in theory

i think they look really yummy. and they were super fun to make! i am wondering why i never tried it sooner. but finally, this weekend, i made homemade bagels.

pumpkin spice with pecans. how can that be bad, right? and the dough was very easy to shape. i guess you can tell from the photo that i was not too exacting with that part.

boiling them was fun! it reminded me of making donuts, but with water instead of oil. they puffed right up and looked cool.

unfortunately, the texture was off. not sure, but they were kind of soft and dough-ey. not in a good way. i suppose i would either bake them longer, or boil them longer next time. i'm kind of an instant grat girl, however, not sure there will be a next time.

i decided to leave em on the counter overnite, because i have a hard time throwing food away. low and behold, the next morning, they were drier and more 'bagel-like.' hmmm. i had one for lunch. it was okay.

such is the life of a not-so-gourmet girl. i am pretty sure my local bagel boy should not worry too much about me :)


anne said...

Cinnamon is the evil nemesis of bread.
Not saying that was the issue... but just sayin'... it's possible.

bobbione8y said...

huh. really, seriously?

come to think of it, YEAH. never made dough with cinnamon before!

but then, who wants to eat a plain bagel. must research further ;)

Karen said...

Hmmm. What's the deal with cinnamon? I've never heard that.

I would have to eat all those bagels. I just cannot bring myself to throw things away...hence four people (myself included) wincing and whining over my stupid V8 smoothies last night.

What about toasted with peanut butter?

bobbione8y said...

toasted goo is toasted goo :)) i like the PB part, though!

what's wrong with v8 smoothies? sounds kind of delish!

Karen said...

I thought I could sneak some V8 into a strawberry-banana smoothie but totally overdid the V8. Extra yogurt and pineapple couldn't fix it, but I just couldn't dump it all down the drain. I made it a dare, which (if I do say so myself) was brilliant. Moose won, TM came in second, then Bubba. TM valiantly finished mine off for me. :-)

Toasted goo does not sound pleasant.

anne said...

Cinnamon reacts with the bread dough and acts like a meat tenderizer... breaking down the structure of the dough. Who knows if this is what happened... doubtful. But now you know about cinnamon.

Karen said...

Thanks, Anne. I had no idea!