Saturday, October 30, 2010


sigh. perfect day for cleaning and thrifting. i have not thrifted in a few weeks, so i figured i better get out there before the season kind of ends. i went to an estate sale, but nothing caught my eye.

so, i decided to travel down the hiway to canton, my favorite little antiquey town. yay! canton always rocks. i really really love the pace and the feel and the painted lady antique store. i even like the drive and the cows and the pretty sd landscape along the way.

i was sort of thinking about christmas decorations, my mind is already on decorating for christmas. they did have some kind of nice ornaments in big glass jars. i may have to go back over for those.


i found a quilt. a red and cream and pink quilt. who knew that that was my favorite color combination, almost? well, if you've seen my kitchen, i guess YOU know ;)

ha. anyway. i have been feeling like i COULD use another blanket on my bed this winter. even though i have the new spendy pottery barn quilt and a huge down comforter. i guess i am picturing laura ingalls and 'the long winter' in my head. one more, just one more blanket sounds nice.

yep, now i'm set. i did find a 3" gash in the fabric that i did not see when i bought it, but i stitched it up and it held fine through the wash. it smells yummy now, and it's soft and quilty good.

i can HARDLY wait until bedtime ;)


Karen said...

It is pretty and you are so funny!

How do you decide which gets top billing?

bobbione8y said...

oh, thanks...yeah, i kind of love it. it's alot smaller than the PB quilt, so it naturally works better as a folded accent.