Saturday, October 02, 2010

falling all over

i consider myself a pretty sensible shopper. i don't splurge alot of the time, except for on $5 flea market items.

which makes it especially curious why i cannot resist a new quilt every fall. seriously people, EVERY fall. i guess it's because i start thinking about my bed more in the fall. how much i love being in it ;)) and somehow, the eyes need some new candy to make it all the better.

pottery barn knows my weakness. so, i have been stalking this quilt for a month or so. this morning, it went on sale. still too pricey. i was able to resist.

then, just now, i got an email from PB saying that for today only, everything was 10% off. including the object of my stalking.

i swear. if anybody wants to attend a live rendition of 'princess and the pea' i could put it together pretty quickly. that is how much quiltage that is going on around here.

however, EXCITED to see this lovely quilt in person :)


cherk said...

I love quilts, I love bedding. I could by new bedding every year is was filthy rich:)

bobbione8y said...

yeah, see. i'm not filthy rich either, which is probably why i feel the guilt :)