Friday, October 08, 2010

a plea to a kitty

it wasn't the bad neighborhood alleycats and the all night carousing

it wasn't the sunday afternoon napping with a chaser of canned kitty treats

it wasn't the chocolate chip cookie chunks you found in between the couch cushion

in the end, it was the faux-fleece kitty hammock from petco that wooed you away from me.

come back siesta. i miss you!


Karen said...

Oh, crud.

Maybe the newness will wear off and she'll come back to you??

KMOSS said...

Might be the first time EVER that a cat enjoyed something purchased for her. My cat's favorite toy is milk rings. Won't have anything to do with ANYTHING from Petco.

bobbione8y said...

yes. i never buy cat toys. although i really think that the tree full of sparrows (because of the feeder i put out there) is more of a draw than the hammock itself. i love to watch her watching them.