Sunday, October 17, 2010

ah, ahhhhctober

what a beautiful month it's been so far! i love october, i wish it lasted for at least 2 months. maybe this year, it will :)

time to get crocheting again. for some reason this year, siesta finds the crochet bag very interesting. EVERY day, she knocks it over and crawls in, tangling up all my yarn and making a mess of things. she is cute while doing it, though.

time to break out the soup recipes, too! if you have never tried baked potato soup, i recommend it. i used this recipe, and it would have been great if i had not oversalted it with sea salt. gotta be careful with sea salt. otherwise, yum. what will you guys do without my photo shoots on the front steps? :)

speaking of, that is my new junk bonanza tee. it has been worn for several days straight, washed and worn again. i guess that means i like it ;)

one more weekend day to enjoy! be blessed!


cherk said...

I have a baked potatoe soup that is awesome. I am feeling a soup frenzy coming on. Big fry has requested Austrian cream cheese and I have leftover ham for ham and bean. No more pics from your front step-did I miss something?

bobbione8y said...

soup frenzy! yes.

i am just implying that my favorite front porch studio will not happen during the winter months, most likely i'll have interior soup shots :)

austrian cream cheese? what kind of fancy kids do you have ?? :)

Karen said...

I wondered about the front porch reference. You scared us both, Bob. I can probably live without them for a season, but not forever.


Rani said...

potato soup is the most FRUGAL soup you can make... I love baked potato soup, too...few more pennies and a bit more work but yummo!

love the photos and the porch, will miss those shots but your pink kitchen will suffice :)

cherk said...

Austrian cream cheese soup SOUNDS very fancy but it is not. You would know it Karen-if you have ever had it at the Fireside Inn. 3 whole ingredients-chicken broth, cream cheese and half and half-mixed proportionately so it is not to thick or too chickeny. You can reall heavy cream if you want the extra rich version!

bobbione8y said...

okay. austrian cream cheese soup sounds YUMMY.