Thursday, October 14, 2010

daily life

some mornings, i kind of just pull the camera out hopefully and plug it in, thinking "i hope there is something good in there to blog about."

i kind of like the artiness of those photos above. i think they capture siesta's story pretty well.

i realize that most of my photos are ones that i take here in the solitude of home. whenever i go somewhere, i get kind of too excited to concentrate on picture taking. sometimes, i forget about it all together. i suppose it leaves a limited picture of my life for this blog, but that's okay. i'm not really leaving a legacy here, just a snippet. snippets make me happy, too.

there are some things i wish i had photos of, that i don't, though.

like last night in class, when i watched the faces of my students as i gave them each little individual pep talks/critiques. it is fun to do that. to see them see themselves through my lens. i made sure i told them that it's MY LENS, not necessarily total truth. but then i gave some suggestions of how i see them as a designer. i got some blushes when i told them good things. and i think they took the less positive things thoughtfully. i hope i nudged them, more than pushed them. those are moments you cannot capture on camera, at least i cannot.

i wish i could take pictures of the conversation in my bible study, at my 'new' church. i haven't been in a bible study in awhile, and i just enjoy the process of getting to know new people, of being vulnerable and real in front of people, and hoping that you'll be accepted. it's neat to see the promise of what is to come, if we keep on opening up as time goes on.

there are other things as well, that cameras cannot capture. lots of living outside this little snippet. but still, somehow, it brings me comfort each day to come here and share with you the things that i do. thank you for giving me that sense of community my life would be otherwise lacking.

sigh. have a good thursday ;)

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carey said...

i have always loved your lens :)