Wednesday, October 20, 2010

lovely lovelies

these days. these october days are killing me. i don't ever recall a milder, more beautiful fall. although our local weatherman assures us we had one just three years ago. maybe. but it cannot have been better than this one. the sun coming up in the morning is very rich and intense. i had to go take a couple of pics this morning.

i've taken to going outside and moseying about on the days that i don't have class. yesterday, i mowed the lawn and did some yard work. i wonder how long before the neighbor's leaves across the street decide to come live with me instead?

i also have been visiting with loco (neighbor cat) almost every day. he cozies in, and has a nap under one of my trees with the bird feeders. it's very cute, and luckily i have not seen any actual bird carnage, i think he is getting a little old to care all that much, to be truthful.

here is to hoping your days are as sunny in your part of the world. happy wednesday!

1 comment:

Karen said...

That first picture is glorious.


We're a little behind you, I think, but I'm hoping for a good showing this weekend.