Saturday, October 23, 2010


well, after a mostly sunny month, we finally have a rain day on our hands. i have been working pretty steadily on the 'quick' afghan that i started in august. i'll probably make some good progress this weekend, it's at that point where you can cover up with it as you crochet, which is a good thing :)

not sure what i will do today. i'm so used to going outside and putzing on the weekends. perhaps cleaning the house is not a bad idea, however :)

one thing i am not looking forward to, is not being able to visit with my creatures as much when the weather turns. i'm sure i'll still see the squirrels, but they are not as playful or crazy in the winter. i have 2 buddies for sure, there are probably more but i never see more than 2 at a time. this guy looks chubby and healthy and ready for cold!

then, there is my buddy loco. i see him once or twice a day now, he usually hunts and naps in my yard. i have known him since i moved here 7 years ago, and i'm still not sure exactly where he lives. i wonder if his 'other' family knows how much i love him?!

supposedly, it might snow this week just a little. finally, the plants will have to lay down for the winter's rest. i've never had so much TIME before to say goodbye. not that it's any easier, but a lot of them do look ready to go. i actually picked 5 more green peppers off the plants yesterday, which is crazy. normally, that would have ended at least a month ago.

sigh. beginnings and endings are so emotional. but soon we'll be thru it, and into winter...i am glad for the change of seasons, they keep me aware of life's constant flow. happy weekend, friends!

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