Thursday, October 07, 2010

fresh start

boy oh boy, do i like thursdays. since i began teaching at the end of august, i have started to LOVE thursdays. i teach at the beginning of the week, so from about sunday pm to wednesday night, that is pretty much all i am consumed with. of course, i'm trying to fit in my 'other' job as well, so usually those days are fairly hectic.

thursdays are good. this morning, i woke up fairly early, made my coffee (world market sumatran, some of my fave), snuggled in my quilt with kitty by my side (actually in my face, but that does not sound very pleasant), and read my daily bible. sigh. it was very peaceful.

i don't do this EVERY day, esp. the hectic ones i described above. on those days, i usually pop out of bed, and go straight to the computer. which seriously makes me shake my head at myself! no wonder the days are hectic! as if God would not change the atmosphere of those days if i invited Him into them. He would, and yet, i don't. i am dumb.

my pastor talks about 'daily office' and i am very faithful with some of it. checking facebook, washing the dishes, responding to email.

but he is talking about 'daily office with the Lord' and that i am not very faithful about. for that i am sorry, and asking for help right here and now to remember who comes first in all things.

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Karen said...

Wow, is this timely for me. Yesterday was craptacular (to use a word coined by a local male) and yet I never once stopped to ask for help, much less spend time with Him. Today I am overwhelmed with all that has to be done, but have I touched my (most excellent) bible study?

Going to do that