Friday, December 09, 2011

yay day!

ah. what a glorious day. i actually overslept ON A FRIDAY. must mean that i am relaxed, because i rarely oversleep. i was dreaming about meeting ashton kutcher. seriously. i was asking him if he was actually a photographer. he he. i don't recall ever actually thinking about ashton kutcher before, so i don't even want to know the meaning of that dream.

i feel like all i have worked on all week is teeny tiny little projects. an ad here, sell sheet there. my computer screen shows this to be true. time to put all those little pesky icons into folders today!

yesterday was seriously a good day. i really did nothing except chat with people. over an hour with my good friend who is having surgery next week. at one point she was laughing so hard at my stories about the neighborhood, she told me i MUST write a book. i think she has a point, because life on wood lane (see, i'd change the name of the actual location to protect the innocent) is pretty dang fascinating.

then, i talked to kirst for well over an hour. again, the laughter. and the realization of how much i love my dear 'old' friend. wow, we have seen some things together. there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better than friendship.

of course, i also spent my usual hour with carey on the phone. i think this week we talked about math alot. i don't remember math being so hilariously funny when i was in high school. now, i cannot stand it. math is for creatives! another book that needs to be written....

so. three conversations that took priority over all the tiny icons... my perfect day, even though i think i have a little sore throat today :) good thing siesta is not a serious talker.

happy friday!

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Karen said...

Ahh, the Talking Hangover. I know it well.