Tuesday, December 06, 2011

i love tuesday.

bossy the fern was even vulnerable to my mad decorating attack this year.
she is lovely, and only slightly annoyed with me.

wow. feels good to have monday under my belt, and a total 'free' day. that almost never happens. too bad it's -2 degrees.

i thought i would blog about the neighborhood so far. it's hard to tell about a new neighborhood in winter. but so far, i have a few insights.

1. ralph is going to be my nemesis. people named ralph always are. he's good, i can tell already. last saturday, after a brisk 1/4" snowfall, i heard the familiar 'scrape, scrape, scrape' of a shoveler. not to be outdone, i went out seconds after the sound stopped, sans COAT and shoveled my whole angled driveway and sidewalk. game ON, ralphie! next time i will beat you on this game!!!

2. on the gentler side of the street, dorothy has invited me to a 'coffee party' on saturday. we'll be having date nut bars and we'll be chatting about why life is so different now. she is coordinating everything, including the personal invitations to at least 1 more dorothy and a bunny. i remember when people were named bunny (bernice). life is moving pleasantly backwards, and i am relieved.

3. i got a plate of cookies and an invitation to a st. lucia gathering from another neighbor (further down the street) last night. in 8 years in my other 'hood' - i don't recall any st. lucia gatherings....perhaps i just wasn't paying attention.

anywhooo. so far, things seem promising. i'm sure the adventures will continue. i better start planning my OWN gathering before ralph beats me to it!

happy tuesday :)


carey said...

the phrase "life is moving pleasantly backwards" may be my all time favorite. you are so ready for friends named dorothy and bunny.

Karen said...

It is so obvious that God has hand-picked your neighborhood! (Which means he hand-picked Ralph, too).

Can't wait to hear the stories!