Wednesday, December 07, 2011

small things

i often talk about simple joys over here on the back forty. the older i get, the more satisfaction comes from watching a bird feed in the winter, or a flower take bloom in the summer.

today, my devotional was about 'small things'.

For who has not despised the day of small things?
Zechariah 4:10

i started to think about a short video clip that we watched in church last sunday. our church sponsors some ministries in equador, including the one in this link. sure enough, when i clicked to look at the website today, their tagline is 'reaching the least of these.'

i try to wrap my brain around it. how can i be so concerned with my seemingly 'big' things? my house, my job, even my relationships? things like how will i make my life more comfortable? how can i be 'fulfilled' in my career? what kinds of fun things can i do with my friends?

HOW can this be my main concern? HOW can i have so little concern for the least of things? HOW can i have God's heart concerning small things? why does it NEVER seem like enough, so i only fantasize about the day of BIG things?

i have to remember that God is in all things. and to continually hope for and think of the big things is to not trust God in the small things. today, i pray for this little boy in the picture above. though his life and future seem in jeopardy, i ask you to bring him joy today. to bring him a meal that fills his tummy. to bring him laughter. to bring him a hug from a caring person that he can trust. that even though we don't know where his tomorrow will be, that we DO know that you are in the small things. be with him.

Lord, help me to not despise small things. use them for your Glory.

happy wednesday, all.

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