Tuesday, December 27, 2011

greetings from a tired person.

hi all. how was the holiday? mine was glorious! i loved the whole day. all of it. i really loved when i drove back to sf at sunset, because the sunsets here in south dakota are the best on the planet. note: that photo is ugly compared to the real thing. the real thing was amazing! it must have been really good, because about a gazillion people posted sunset photos on christmas day.

in other news, i used to be organized.

i admit there was a point yesterday, though, when i thought to myself "this doesn't seem very much like vacation." probably because i did not eat lunch until 5pm. and probably because i am realizing there is NO darn way this kitchen will get done this week, unless i kill myself, which may not be a very good idea.

they say it gets worse before it gets better, so i guess i am heading in the right direction. today, i get to paint my chalkboard wall. i have no idea how THAT will go, so i am choosing to think about what i want to draw with chalk when it's all finished ... where does one go to get chalk, anyway? there are so many things to do with a chalkboard wall, i almost cannot stand the anticipation.

i could go functional...

or goofy...

or pretty...

or sassy...

or mushy...
lots of options. i guess i better get the wall done, first. but wow. fun things lie ahead.

i did get some small stuff done before i started the big project. like taking my china cabinet from this:

to this:

oh. and i also made a clock. well, sort of. i defaced/refaced an old one.

anyway. lots going on. it feels crazy to think that it's the end of 2011 already. almost. and that yesterday i brought the garbage out BARE foot. i love the surprise warm streak we've been having! it makes me want to plant my garden and get outside to feel the rays.

i might also join siesta in her day's work at some point! i mean, what could be better than a tuesday afternoon nap?

happy day :)


carey said...

hey man. you make me want to paint a wall or make something pretty, but i think i will go outside instead. :) looks like you are making good progress on the kitchen, can't wait to see more photos. happy week!

bobbione8y said...

hey man.

i kind of miss you :)

ps. got the christmas card right on time. really enjoyed the zingers. i think i spit out my pop when i read little j's question about God calling people lame ;)