Friday, December 30, 2011

new love.

ah, painting and music just 'go together' for me. i have good memories of painting mabel for almost a whole month before i moved into her, just me and the ladder and God and third day...those were really good days.

i'm finding this week with fern has a similar vibe. except that i have been a bit tapped out of all of the christian music i have, so i've switched back to pandora for awhile. i tried listening a couple of years ago, but really just enjoyed my own music more. this time, the switch might be permanent. i started with a christmas music station, which is really so much better than the limited collection i own.

i've made about 8 stations so far to paint with. stuff like:

the first station i made. i still love me some r.e.m., thankfully, they come with the police and matchbox 20, whom i also love. i could have also linked to michael stipe's recent 'naked' video which was burning up the internet, but you'll have to google it yourself. for the record, i did google it, and it made me laugh. very michael, but not very pornographic, i didn't think. he once wore a white suit in concert when i saw him, and it was see-thru with the backlighting on the stage! silly boy, i don't like you 'that way.' ;)

a healthy dose of james (doesn't he look different with hair?) and dan fogelberg and the eagles and crosby, stills and nash and simon and garfunkel. reminds me of grade school...and i really, really liked grade school.

billy, whom i spent a good 2 or 3 years with around 1979 or so. his station is kind of lame, it seems to come with lots of elton john. and lots of the beatles, i guess they go together, even though i kind of like elton, i usually 'dislike' the beatles. johnpaulgeorgeringo!

yes. garth. i do usually cry me a river when i go there, but sometimes, it's good. sadly, i know every song. i also have a dolly parton station, that one is a little safer for me to listen to... :)

and then i made a station for iron & wine. i'm really enjoying them, and listening to lots of music i would never hear otherwise, like bon iver and death cab for cutie.

schwew. so that is my week. i am thinking it is something i will not regret at all :)

happy friday guys!


carey said...

you are so techy :) i just got home from buying...gulp...a new laptop. all files are being transferred and installed next tuesday. starting 2012 on a NEW note!

Karen said...

I"m with you on the Beetles. Yuck. I do love everyone else you talked about...right up to Dolly. I have never enjoyed her voice, but I JUST got done telling the WH that I want to see that movie she and Queen Latifah are in. Maybe there's hope for me and Dolly yet.