Thursday, December 15, 2011

the countdown

i think yesterday is when it actually happened. i hit the wall on anything else except christmas. i have felt it coming on, but boy do i know it. unless you have christmas cheer to share, i am not interested. and boy, do i need a vacation.

good thing i have nice clients who aren't pressing me TOO much.

anyway. all is well over here, even if my blogging is lame lately. here is what i'm up to.

still. buying. art. whew. i guess i am glad i still have a few spaces to fill, because i just see beautiful stuff everyday online. if you've ever been to stillwater, minnesota, you probably recognize this one. i have not been there in a very long time, but i want to go again. maybe to the white pine festival. it might just be my new happy place.

i guess i have not shown you my living room lately. it's looking quite cozy these days. lot's of pretty to look at.

except i need my teal wall. i am still searching for the perfect color. and some ambition. sigh. i bet i know which one i'll find first.

oh, and the kitchen guy is coming next week. so i've been shopping for a light fixture for over my new sink. that's harder than you would think.

and as for today, i need to make 20 of these bad boys for a client who is giving them away for christmas gifts. mine are the same, but different than this pic. how's that for telling you nothing?!

ha. i hope wherever you are, that you have more to say than me today! happy thurs@!

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