Thursday, December 22, 2011

one more.

after a terrible, horrible, very bad day yesterday, i have only one day left before vacation officially begins. i am so badly in need of vacation, and so thankful that it is almost here.

i'm sure i will be in blogland next week, but i wanted to just gather my thoughts and take a look back at the contents of my life revealed in this place. sometimes, it's kind of daunting to do that kind of thing. this year, i think the blog told most of the story, but of course, not all of it. at any rate, i love that blogs exist! and that people come here and share!

merry christmas, everybody - i hope to see each and every one of you in person in this next year (that's not too much to wish for, right?!)

1 comment:

carey said...

Ah, Merry Christmas! I love that blogs exist too. And phones. And Bagel Boy :)

Love you.