Monday, December 05, 2011

easing into.

ah. having a nice slow re-entry this morning, after a pleasant weekend. i got a start on my holiday shopping, which is rare for me, as i am 'last minute girl.'

i also shopped for myself, as i got my new kitchen ordered on saturday. well, half a kitchen. the other half will involve more elbow grease, and most likely will spread across the weeks this winter. i am sort of project'd-out, that is for sure.

as i look over the relationships i have in blogland and facebook, it is disheartening to see that most folks are not super joyful. there is a lot of 'busy' going around, that is for sure. a few weeks ago, my pastor talked about how nobody wants to hear that you are busy. WOW. isn't that true? i am ever so guilty of using that term as my badge of importance, or even as my secondary identity, when i have things going on. my value becomes THE THINGS I NEED TO GET DONE, which is so not what God says about us.

the truth is, busy sucks our life away. it really does. i keep asking God for a balance over here on the back forty. it seems when i am NOT busy, i just waste time and do nothing of value....probably in retaliation to the BUSY times when i don't have a choice.

i'm prepared to find value this december. for me, that means relationship. finding the time to share with others MY time. i don't really have anything of more value to the world to offer, and i don't think any of you do, either. it's time to start rejecting 'all martha, all the time' and to start being mary at least a little bit of the time, don't you think?

i guess what i'm saying is "do you want to come over for coffee?" ha!!!

:) happy monday!


carey said...

no, but i will take a big ol' mug of hot chocolate and i will talk while you make me a headband hat. ;)

Rea said...

I'll come for coffee if you light the candles in the fireplace and make it look all pretty.

bobbione8y said...

yes. to both of you :)

Karen said...

This is nice. Your thought process resonates with me. It's ridiculous to not be joyful, especially when I WANT to be joyful. I don't even desire to be Martha, so how do I end up 'all Martha, all the time'?

I just had a visual of the next big rage in Christian pop culture...'all Martha, all the time' with a read slash through it, printed on buttons, like the 'Keep Christ in Christmas' ones (I refuse to wear).

bobbione8y said...

karen, why don't you come to SD and we can have a fab 'do nothing except love one another' day in which we revel in the season?! i can picture it! you bring your personality, and i'll bring snacks :)

i did get an invitation to a 'coffee party' today from an 87 year old lady who remembers back when you actually liked and hung out with your neighbors. we are going to take back the hood :)