Thursday, December 29, 2011

old times

i decided to take an afternoon off from painting yesterday, and drove down to canton to my very favorite little antique shop. 'the painted lady' has only been in business for a few years, after the old house (in my old hood) that they used to be in burned down here in central sioux falls.

i love that store. there is something so peaceful about leaving the city limits of sf, and driving about 20 minutes south to canton. that little town has some real charm, and has fueled lots of fantasies for me about 'some day.' the painted lady has just given me a good excuse to go there, i suppose. but i have always come back home with a treasure or two.

i was sad to find out they are closing next month. the owner was sad, too. it was hard to hear him talk about 'the economy' as the reason for the closing, but i have to wonder. all of us seem to have lots of money to buy ipads and kindles, so i have to believe it's a deeper reason. old, dusty things of the past probably are losing their importance in our shiny, throw-it-away-when-you're-done world. i feel old....because i love, love, love old things. perhaps i am the last of that generation, i don't know.

i did find a few treasures, even though the place was mostly empty:

a feather tree, in perfect condition.

some royal copley planters, it amazes me how these 60+ year old vases have the 'now' color palette and graphic patterns that i am seeing all over. cutting edge, i tell you :)

and old christmas card from 1932, talking about one family's hard times on the back, but pretty on the front.

a pair of cool 60s ornaments.

anyway, lou was sad, too, because she and i have many good memories from there. we agree that we must find a 'new' treasure hunting spot next summer, if we can.

and as for me, i'll just keep on painting to match my new/old vase. my parents are coming for a visit today, perhaps i will also hand them a paint brush ;)

happy day!

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